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These terms of service apply to Joinby as a whole and include:

  • The website
  • The platform (including the app)
  • The service

Goal of Joinby

  • Joinby is an online platform that aims to promote human interaction and bring people together (offline).
  • Joinby offers its platform to end users (such as students, residents, etc.) as well as to organizations that want to start a community themselves.

Your relationship with Joinby

  • By using our Platform you agree to all Terms of Service. These Terms of Service are a binding agreement between you and Joinby.
  • The minimum age for using Joinby is 12 years or older. 
  • In the event of a violation of the terms of service, we are entitled to immediately suspend or delete your account.
  • Attendees
  • No rights can be derived from the free use of Joinby.


  • All activity on our platform takes place within a 'community'. A community usually stands for a location or part of an organization.
  • Joinby offers third parties (for a fee) to set up a community.
  • When registering, you can see who the community belongs to by means of the “Powered by” . In the case of third-party communities, the name of the third party is shown here.
  • Joinby can also set up and manage communities in its own name, indicated as “Powered by Joinby”

Third Party Communities

  • The third party can set additional rules about the use of his/her community. These may not conflict with the terms of Joinby and/or Dutch law.
  • The third party may determine that access to his/her community is subject to a fee.
  • The third determines who can access the community. This is indicated when registering. Communities can be open or closed.
  • If the community is closed, it is not allowed to (attempt to) participate in a community that is not intended for you.
  • Third parties are responsible for the management (support, removing members, etc.) and the goings-on within their own community, unless expressly stated and agreed otherwise.

Within a community

  • Within a community, 'groups' and 'activities' can be started by the administrator around a theme, activity or area of interest.
  • Administrators may determine membership criteria for their own clubs, but these rules must never conflict with Joinby's terms of service and/or Dutch law.
  • Members have an account and can participate in the clubs and activities open to them. Members are responsible for their own well-being.
  • Administrators are entitled to charge an amount for participation in clubs and/or activities, provided they clearly indicate this in advance
  • Joinby aims to bring people in the real world closer together. Joinby has no influence on the situations on site and therefore does not accept any form of responsibility associated with the use of the Platform. Good counselor is your common sense and judgment of a situation.

Your content and that of others

  • As an administrator, you are responsible for all content shared in your club. This applies to chat traffic, event information and information shared by others.
  • Others, in turn, owe responsibility to the organizer for any violation of this article.
  • The content must comply with all terms and conditions set by Joinby and published on this website, including Privacy Policy and these Terms.
  • Joinby is not responsible for Content posted by administrators or members on our Platform or sent from our Platform.
  • Joinby records information about you. Please see our Privacy Policy about what we do with it. We do not record more than necessary, we do not share more information with others than is necessary for a working Platform. We do not trade data.
  • It is not allowed to harvest data from our platform and use it for personal gain.

Platform Usage Standards

  • Joinby is meant for getting to know new people, friendly contact and organizing activities together. We are emphatically NOT a dating platform and dating. Making dating requests and/or sexual contact is not allowed.
  • Treat each other with respect: do not swear, bully, harass, harass or denigrate others.
  • Nude photos and sexual content are not allowed (images or language)
  • It is not allowed to post content (such as photos, texts, etc.) that you do not own.
  • Promotion of commercial activities or other platforms is only permitted after explicit agreement from Joinby 
  • We cannot completely prevent users of the platform from acting differently. We strongly recommend to be sensible when meeting new people, especially if you agree 1 on 1. Preferably do this in a public location so that you can get to know the other person first. And let others know you're meeting.

Our Platform

  • We do our best to have the platform always up and running and online. However, we cannot guarantee it and no rights can be derived from this.
  • Joinby improves, accelerates and analyzes the Platform. This may mean that certain functionality of parts of the platform will be changed or will be removed.
  • We are not liable for any kind of discontinuity of the Platform or parts thereof (including loss of data stored on our platform)


You agree by using Joinby that you release us from any responsibility regarding our Platform, events, groups or members. You will also not hold our individual directors, shareholders, suppliers, advertisers or otherwise related to Joinby liable and responsible for unforeseen consequences of using Joinby.


These terms and conditions are updated from time to time


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