Increase student wellbeing with good connections

80% of the students indicate that they experience loneliness. This often results in study failure and psychological problems. Having good social connections can prevent this and contribute to student well-being.

Why does this often go wrong now?

  • Students have no way to easily interact with other students outside of their class.
  • If a student feels lonely, it is too much of a barrier to contact a dean/student psychologist (who really understands them).

With Joinby you offer your students their own safe community to easily build social contacts and find help from each other. Curious how? 

Connections outside your bubble

Offer (starting) students outside their own class a lively student community where they can easily get in touch with other students.

“Before I started my studies, I already had tennis appointments with someone from another study”
– Charlie – 

Easier contact

Groups with like-minded people, direct insight into what you have in common with someone else, being able to organize events yourself or participate and chat 1 on 1. 

“So nice that during my exam period, when I was having a hard time, I could chat super easily with my mentor. That really helped.
– Eve –

More encounters

Contributes to more physical encounters and students' initiative. 


“By signing up for events, I quickly had good contact with new people with the same interests.
– Eric –

of students are afraid of not making friends during their student days
considers the opinion of other students to be decisive in their choice of study
of admitted students do not start

What do you get?

Benefits of a community

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Case Karel de Grote Hogeschool

See how Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences has improved student well-being among its students with its own community

Step-by-step plan to launch your own community

1) Discuss wishes

Feel free to contact us to discuss your questions, challenges and wishes

2) Receive quotation

Receive a quote based on your wishes

3) Set up community

We set up your community according to your wishes. You will already have access to test.

4) Launch community

Ready for use? Invite your students or let them participate themselves. Everyone can now easily find & message each other.


Got curious?

Let's get to know each other. Schedule a no-obligation introduction of 45 minutes and we will discuss: your challenge(s), what possible solutions are and how our platform works.