Start your own club

Are you going to start a new club?

People who download Joinby want to get to know new people and beautiful friendships often grow from there. A friendship takes time, effort and repetition of reunion.
That is why Joinby is divided into clubs:
– Nice group of like-minded people
– Regular meetings
– Interim mutual contact with members via the 1:1 chat function
– New members always welcome

A good start

If you're starting a new club, check the following list to get off to a good start:
– Clear name
– Nice description
– Clear target audience (gender, age, capacity, experience, etc)
– Number of members (think about what remains fun and manageable when they all come)
- Clear description:
o What will you do with the club
o How often
o What regularity
o Expecting everyone present or loose
o Create 2 activities to provide perspective
Very important. Give every new member a warm welcome via the chat. That's super important. To welcome someone is to come home to the other.

Find members

As a founder of a club you can recruit members. You can recruit members with the three dots at the top of your screen. Here you can share the club or activities with others on other social media. Nextdoor is very effective because it concerns your neighborhood. But your Facebook groups or an e-mail to colleagues can also generate new members. You can also ask the club members to share a link in their own social media.

To do together

Of course, as the founder of the club, you don't have to invent and do everything yourself. The members would like to help make it a pleasant, educational or sporty day or evening. Ask them, it also increases the commitment to the club and the anticipation.
Note: The activities are public. If you put an event in the calendar, all Joinby users can see it. Also people from outside your club. They can also sign up to have a look at your club or just because they like the activity.
We wish you a lot of fun!

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