The platform to bring members/volunteers together

Launch your own community for your members or volunteers to easily share information and events and connect members with each other

Why choose Joinby?

Own environment for your members or volunteers

Your own online environment for all your members or volunteers

Easy to find

Everyone can find each other 

Customer case

VTV uses Joinby to connect VTV members with each other

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In which languages is your platform available?

Our platform is currently available in Dutch and English.

Do you only have a mobile app?

No, we also have a web version (for desktop). The vast majority of residents use the mobile app, but the web version is very useful for management.

How do you handle personal data? (GDPR)

All personal data is stored on servers within the EU. We have taken various measures to comply with the AVG/GDPR legislation. Please contact us for a detailed explanation.

How much does a private community cost?

We charge a one-time setup fee for setting up your community and an annual license fee for data traffic, maintenance and further development. The exact costs depend on the number of users and wishes. Contact us for an estimate or quote.

How quickly could my community be live?

We can have your community live within a week. We do recommend that you take at least 4 weeks to set up and prepare for the launch.



View a demo yourself or contact us if you have any questions