Help your students find each other

Offer your (prospective) students a safe place to get in touch with fellow students, even before their studies start!

Offer a warm welcome

Give new (international) students access to your community before they start their studies

Reach more students

Reach students who are now difficult to reach by offering an online meeting place with only other students

Improve student wellbeing

Ensure more connection because every student can easily find fellow students with the same interests and can contact them directly

Buddy matching module

Use the buddy matching module to match international students with local students to ensure a soft landing for international students. 

Classmate Classroom Sharing International Friend Concept

Everyone a buddy

Our system ensures that everyone gets a buddy

Matched Match

Matching possible based on study, interests or otherwise. You determine the criteria.

Less manual work

Spend less time manually matching students

Customer case

Karel de Grote Hogeschool uses Joinby to facilitate meetings between students

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Customer and user reviews

"We use Joinby as a platform for all students, giving them a channel to connect with like-minded people. New students can get linked up to a buddy (an experienced student) if they wish, and vice-versa for experienced students who would like to help a fresh(wo)man. As the app is available in both Dutch and English and messages are being translated from Dutch to English if desired by the user, the app is also very widespread among our international student community."
Remo Herzog
International Student Services Officer - Karel de Grote University College
"Very valuable that I could already have contact with future fellow students BEFORE I arrived in Antwerp"
Student - Antwerp Management School
"We were looking for a platform that allowed our incoming students to already connect with each other before the start of the academic year. Since privacy regulations don't allow us to share phone numbers or email addresses of students with other students, this app was a great solution to already connect them"
Eva Peeters
Business lead - Antwerp Management School
"Works better to organize activities than via Whatsapp"
Student - Antwerp Management School


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