All you need
to connect your people

Your entire community together on 1 accessible platform that you can set up yourself. Accessible via desktop and mobile app.

Own branding

Community with own logo & colors

Own web url

Community can be found on its own unique web url

Mobile app

Community access through a mobile app

Your own community

Your own digital environment to bring your people into contact with each other



Find groups of your preference, join directly and chat & organize together with other participants in your groups


Easily find like-minded people in your community



An interactive agenda where you can register immediately, see who is also going and chat directly with other participants

Groupchat & DM

Accessible chatting with like-minded people from your community

activity chat ss

Local map

Create an overview of everything there is to do in the area. Let people in your community add their own suggestions and find others who want to do the same.

Central bulletin board

Post news items or create an overview of supply and demand. 

buddy match

Buddy matching module

Automatic buddy matching system (optional module) that matches participants based on adjustable preferences

General features

Notifications & emails

Push notifications & emails to notify members of new posts and events


Platform available in English and Dutch (languages expandable)

Invite users

Users can be invited to your community

Moderation tools

Various moderation tools for users and admins (block, report, delete, etc.)


Get a better understanding of your target audience through user statistics from your community

GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant platform. All data stored within the EU

Customize community

Below are a few examples of what can be adjusted in your community:

Logo & colors

Add your logo and determine the color settings yourself

Welcome message

Set up your own welcome message for new participants

Set icebreakers

Set your own 'chat icebreakers' to start conversations more easily (1 click chat)

Turn functions on/off

Decide which main functions you want to use

Determine rights

Decide for yourself whether regular users are allowed to create groups, activities, etc

Customize texts

Customize the naming of titles and texts in your community


Want to create your own place?