Launch your own community for your people

Create your own community for your organization, completely designed according to your wishes and branding. For a warm welcome to everyone!


For whom?

Schools & Universities

Improving student wellbeing with your own student community

Social organizations & associations

Recruit more members, more participants for activities

Governments & municipalities

Connect specific target groups or neighbourhoods

The platform

Below screenshots of the core parts of our platform. All can be custom adjusted and/or expanded to your wishes


Own community

Your own community for your target group with your logo, colors and settings. Members register once to participate.



Instead of separate (Whatsapp or FB) groups, 1 overview of all groups that everyone can join and chat in directly



All members within your community can be found/filtered by interests, age, study, etc. You determine the filters for your community


Own card

Show the locations & activities for your community on your own map so that everyone immediately sees what there is to do



An overview of all activities and things to do within your community. Everyone can see who is already participating and participate directly


Bulletin board

A central place to share messages and make calls, with custom categories for your community


To chat

Everyone can make 1-1 contact or discuss in groups to do something together. All without having to exchange phone numbers


Organize yourself

Let members in your community create groups, organize activities and find each other



A profile with your own set interests and characteristics with the option to contact 1-1 without having to exchange numbers

Step-by-step plan for launching your own community

1 Request Community

Contact us to discuss your wishes and goals

2 Receive offer

Based on your wishes, we will make you a concrete proposal (quotation)

3 Set up community

Do you agree with our proposal? Then set up the community as agreed. You get access to test and get everything ready

4 Recruit participants

Invite your participants to join your exclusive community

5 Community launch!

From now on everyone can find each other, contact each other, exchange tips, start groups and do more together

Community examples

Overview of all functions


Community features:


Functionalities around members:


Functionalities for groups (clubs):


Functionalities for organizing activities:

Bulletin board

Functionalities for posting calls, discussions, etc.


Knowing more?

Feel free to contact us for questions or a demo of the app