Good pre- and onboarding of international students

Offer your new international students the opportunity to experience all your campus immediately after registration and connect them with senior students who can help with questions and integration on campus. Use a tailor-made student community for a great onboarding! Curious about the power of a community? 

Directly in touch

Immediately offer new students a lively insight into your campus where they can ask questions and connect with future classmates.

“Before I started my studies, I already had tennis appointments with future fellow students”
– Elaine – 

Convince each other

Generation Z mainly looks at contemporaries. Let senior students convince your future students. Students as ambassadors!

“By chatting and meeting with senior students, I already had a very good picture of the campus and student life in Antwerp'
– Bernard –

Prevent outages

Provide a soft landing for 1st year students by letting them establish good connections with their future fellow students in advance. 

“So nice that I could have contact with future classmates before arrival and ask practical questions to current students
– Eve –

of students are afraid of not making friends during their student days
considers the opinion of other students to be decisive in their choice of study
of admitted students do not start

What do you get?


The benefits of your own student community

Step-by-step plan to launch your own community

1) Discuss wishes

Feel free to contact us to discuss your questions, challenges and wishes

2) Receive quotation

Receive a quote based on your wishes

3) Set up community

We set up your community according to your wishes. You will already have access to test.

4) Launch community

Ready for use? Invite your students or let them participate themselves. Everyone can now easily find & message each other.



Schedule a no-obligation introduction of 45 minutes and we will discuss: your challenge(s), what possible solutions are and how our platform works.