Your own custom community platform

Offer your people their own place to come into contact with each other in an accessible way. The effortless way for more (social) contact outside your own bubbles.


Neighborhood platform

Welcome new people to the neighbourhood, increase activity and improve social cohesion in your neighbourhood

“I was looking for a running buddy in my area and found it quickly”

employee platform

Offer your employees their own place for social contact and to undertake fun activities

“It's nice to go cycling with other colleagues. Didn't know there were so many enthusiasts!”

Association platform

All your members together in 1 app! Easily communicate with everyone and separate groups for commissions, for example

“Very handy to have 1 overview of all committees, members and activities in 1 app”

Easy way to connect

Reach and retain more people

Suitable for your organization


This is not all

Schedule a no-obligation 45-minute demo and experience the power of a community.