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How does a social platform work?

Social media is also a collective name for online marketing channels, the most important
The purpose of social media is to communicate. It provides direct communication with the users

Social media

Everyone can use social media, companies and artists create for example
also use social media. They use the social media channels to reach their target audience
to achieve. For a company with social media accounts, it can mainly apply to their
raise awareness of product, sell more and grow online as
company. For artists, it mainly applies to building a bond with your followers and
fans. Creating a social media account is not difficult and is therefore fast
created. You can start by creating an Instagram account or Facebook
account. But it can be difficult what to do now, because you don't have any followers yet and
there is no content on your account.

How do you set up a social platform?

It is therefore smart to first start by looking at what you want to achieve with your social
media platforms. Examples of goals could be: increasing your
brand awareness, getting information about your product, building a relationship with you
target audience and get people to your website. After setting your goals, try it
translate into goals. One method you can use for this is SMART,
specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. After you have the objectives
determined, you will determine who your target group is. Objectives and target group are important
aspects for your social platform. When you sell a product or service, you know better
who your target audience is due to the current customer base you have already built up. but with you
social platform could broaden and approach your target audience. That is why
useful to create a persona of your target group. This is a fictional person where you have the
charts motivations and goals, giving you a good overview of how your
target group is put together. After you have mapped out the target group, you can start researching
on which social media channels your target group is active. One tip I want to give you is to
looking at your competitors, this allows you to see which methods can work well and
which social platforms they use. The social media channel should help you get it
of your goals and, on the other hand, should also suit you well. But the most important thing is that you
target audience also uses the channel.

What can you do with a social platform?

Now that you have created social media channels, it is important to also have the right content
place on the channel. The content must fit your company but also be relevant
for your followers. Interacting with your followers ensures more reach. By images, videos
and adding links, this creates more interaction than just a piece of text. Bee
instagram, for example, you can use hashtags, this allows users to
find your company. After using your social platform for a while, you can
gain insights into the posts you've posted. This way you can see which days and
times are useful for posting messages on your social platform. This way you can optimally
use your social media platforms.


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