Online Community

How do you launch an online community? Read more about it below

How do you set up an online community?

Building relationships between people takes a lot of time and can therefore not be done within a day
happened. Online interaction is becoming increasingly important, especially if you want to grow as a company.
It is important that you have a platform where your customers can contact each other
can bring. But how do you set up an online community?

The target group

It is important to know who your target audience is. The platform can only be a success
if it matches the wishes and needs of the target group. Start Mapping
bringing your target audience. You can do this by creating a profile that clearly states
describe what your target group looks like and what their motivations and needs are. The handy
of an online community is that it will be available everywhere because it is online.
It is important that the content of the site should be attractive, fun and valuable to you
target audience. This ensures that they continue to visit the platform. Users feel up to
drawn to each other when they notice that they share the same norms and values, this
makes them feel good.

Online Community

In addition to communicating with each other online, this can of course also take place offline. Often
you see that when meeting offline, the group feeling is reinforced even more. So it is
In addition to online communication, it is wise to also see whether the communication is offline for once
can take place. You can start an online community for any topic, such as
for example a community for people who play tennis or for people who play tennis in
Amsterdam and also golf. There is a good chance that with the latter the target group will turn to each other
attracted, because they play tennis in Amsterdam and also golf. When your tight
defines what you want to set up an online community for, you often see that this
leads to stronger communities. Your target audience must be large enough to really
form a community. It is important to know what the motives of your target group
because they will be different from your organization's motives. Often a member of
a community to teach something and to teach other people something. To test whether your concept works
really adds value, it may be wise to test the concept at the
based on interviews and conversations with your target group. Important questions to ask
are: does the target group really need an online community? About which topics
would they like to have it? Are there places where you can have members together to
to meet offline?

Maintaining a community

You often see in an online community that active and involved members take over tasks. It
is good if the community can support itself. For example, members can be an authority
forms on certain topics, but they can also change the content according to standards and
assess values. It is good to make clear rules in advance for your online
community, this is about how you interact with each other on the platform. It is therefore smart to
have a community manager, this will be the point of contact for the active and
concerned members.


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