local community

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How do you build a local community?

A local community is a group of people who work together and share an environment. In
human communities may have intent, beliefs, resources, preferences, needs,
risks and a number of other conditions are present and common, which may determine the identity of
influence the participants and their degree of coherence.

What is a local community?

A local community consists of people who live in the area where the company is located
is. They are not necessarily customers of the company, but the neighbors. The company has an impact on
jobs and prosperity in the area. Local community wants the business to do well,
because they want to achieve certain goals. The goals are: more companies to the area
because this will free up more jobs, a good and safe environment to live in and
good means of transport and communication.

The start of a local community

It may be difficult to start building a local community. Get started
therefore by organizing meetings around the subject that interests you
and try to find a speaker who can talk about this. It's smart to be small
So start by inviting some friends and colleagues first. Find a
available space where the meeting can take place. It's smart to set a time
choose after work, so that is between 19:00 and 21:00. Also bring some food, if it's in
in the evening you can do something like coffee and tea or something fresh. People are triggered by
things they find interesting, so try to make your subject as attractive as possible
presenting that makes people want to come to your meeting. Try a
interesting speaker to give a presentation at your meeting. Tried
welcoming the visitor before the presentation starts, so you get to know them well. It is
important to make people feel comfortable. When new people come to
come to your meeting, talk to them and connect them with other people. And forget
do not introduce them before starting the presentation or other activities. When
the group gets really big, you can pick someone who does the introduction every time
the start of the meeting. After you see more people coming to your meeting,
the next step is to make it public.

Growing your local community

You can create a website where you share when a new meeting takes place.
This can be in the form of a blog, you can also process what has taken place in this
found during the meeting. This can be useful for the people who unfortunately
were unable to attend your meeting. You can also share your via social media
promote meetings by posting messages about them. Please agree with the
target audience, not everyone may use social media. When people
need to talk to each other in addition to the meetings, it can be used
be made of a forum. People can connect with each other on this
and communicate. Try to encourage the people who come to your meeting to
Bringing their friends with you can make your local community even bigger. make clear
that everyone is welcome to join your community!


Want to know more about setting up a local community?

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