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local community

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Community building for your organization

 The literal translation of community building is building
a community. A community therefore consists of a group of people, who have corresponding
have characteristics, goals or interests. Now the Joinby app is all about you
you can join a group in your area that has common interests. But
You can also use the platform as an organization. This is how you can use it for
your organization, to bring your target group into contact with each other, to obtain more information about your users and to get in touch with your target group. By getting feedback through the platform you can
improve your business and take it to a higher level. The users of your service
or product are often people who can identify with your company or brand.

Community building is mainly about being formed by a
existing group of like-minded individuals. Within a community
people start conversations with each other online and physically, but also meet up. in such a
community, people can share knowledge and information with each other. By community
building you bring people closer together. This is useful if you want more insights
about your user target group, but also about how they experience your product or service.
A community could be compared to a social media platform, but it offers a
greater value. Within a community, more value is attached to privacy, and this is
much less so on social media. In addition, you can often create a community platform
completely according to your own wishes.

Community building is very important for an organization. By users with each other
contact, a community is created for your company. It is important
to recruit people who share similar interests, characteristics, and goals. when you
when a company starts building a community, you approach people who already use
your service or product. Then you can almost assume that these people are the same
interests, because otherwise they would not use your service or product.
A big advantage of the Joinby app is that users can now ask each other questions in
instead of going to customer service or sending an email to your company. because
with the Joinby app you can easily approach each other online in the app, so that there is a
online community is created. For this, the user only needs to download an app
on his smartphone or tablet. You often see that personal experiences are also shared
on such a platform, giving you valuable feedback from your users. Users
dare to express their opinion faster than on a public platform, such as Facebook. It is
it is important for you as a company that you keep your user satisfied, you can only do this
by listening to and interacting with them. When you as a company have a strong
community, you will see that fans are growing around your service or product. The target
of community building is involving users and sharing knowledge.


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