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How do you find a sports buddy?

Everyone knows that exercising is important, but if you go to the gym alone every time it is difficult to sustain. You can solve this by finding a buddy, rather a sports buddy. But how do you find a sports buddy?

You would like someone to exercise with, but of course you don't ask the first passer-by if he wants to go to the gym with you. That needs to be approached differently. We'll give you a few tips to get you started!

Where can you find someone who does the same sport as you? Especially in the gym or at the sports club where you train! You probably strike up a conversation with someone during a short break or in the dressing room. If you meet more often and are interested in the same training, you can easily suggest working out together. You have a big stick behind the door and you have a buddy.
If you have plans to exercise, you can also ask your friends, neighbors, family and colleagues who would like to exercise with you. Certainly if you want to take up an accessible sport such as walking or running, there may be people who would like to join you.

If you are not yet sporting, but you do have a sport or sports club in mind, you can check whether a page has been created via Facebook, for example. This way you can check if there are friends of your sports and that way find a new sports buddy.

If you are not only looking for a sports buddy, but perhaps a buddy for life, a new partner, there are various sites online where you can register. The sporting activity that you do or want to do is of course leading here. So you might be lucky to not only find a sports buddy, but also a new love.

In the worst case scenario, you could also try an old-fashioned but easy method: Put a card on the billboard of your local supermarket. Maybe someone in your area has similar interests and can become your sports buddy.

As you can see, there are several ways to find a sports buddy. We won't say it's always easy and sometimes it takes some guts. Because, well, talking to someone in the sports club might not be your thing, but if you click and you like the same sport, why not give it a try. In the worst case, you will be told that he or she prefers to train alone, can happen of course and has nothing to do with you as a person. So just try it and maybe you'll train with a sports buddy in your favorite gym soon.


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