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In August 2019, the hashtag #maatgezocht (and #eenzamejongeren) went viral through a Tweet from Nadi van de Watering. She tweeted: “I sit alone every day. I want a network in Nijmegen!” 

A clear sign and shout that for many people it is difficult to find a mate. Bizarre in times when we have all the means of communication, but apparently don't really come together. 

With Joinby we want to set up a platform that is about finding a buddy, but on the basis of equality. After all, buddy projects often imply a 'helper' and someone looking for a buddy, while we believe that real relationships should be equal.

That is why we stand for contact with each other based on similar interests. So find a buddy for what you like. 

So: are you looking for a buddy? Find a buddy in your area via Joinby who wants to do what you like together, because they like it too! 

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