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What are fun activities to organize?

Suppose you are looking for activities in Utrecht or activities in Amsterdam, you will probably find a whole laundry list of things you could do. But there is a chance that there is not something organized in your area or neighborhood that appeals to you. Then you might consider organizing something yourself. But what are fun activities to organize in your neighborhood? We help you on your way with a few ideas:

1. Do you live in a pleasant street and do you have nice neighbors? Then consider organizing a neighborhood barbecue. Make an inventory of those who are interested by sending a neighborhood app or simply by stopping by. Make a checklist of who will bring the bbq, calculate an amount per person for food and drinks, make sure everyone brings their own chair and you can organize a cozy barbecue for the entire neighborhood in no time.

2. Do you live in a neighborhood rich in children and do you enjoy organizing activities for them? Consider an Easter egg hunt or a spooky Halloween party. A children's disco is also usually appreciated, especially if there is lemonade and popcorn! And how about a creative afternoon by making something fun with wood or paper?

3. For the sports enthusiasts among us, you can also convert your sporting activities into activities for several people. How about a bicycle tour as an activity through Utrecht, Amsterdam or your own city of course. Or organize a sponsored walk if you like running. Set out a nice course for the novice and advanced athlete and perhaps even for the children. You donate the money collected to a good cause, so that you have not only organized a fun activity, but also help another organization.

4. Okay, you may not be very sporty, but you are very creative? And do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and creating something beautiful together? Then organize workshops or courses about your hobby! There are plenty of people who want to learn painting, woodworking, calligraphy or jewelry making to name a few. Make your hobby a fun activity and teach other people something new.

5. Do you like music and dance? Then consider organizing a dance evening. This is of course possible for young people, but certainly also for the elderly. Maybe there is a retirement home nearby where they are very happy with this kind of initiative. They often already have a space that you can use. Arrange the music or maybe even a band and you'll be the hero of the night!

If you like to organize activities yourself in your city, there are plenty of options. In any case, start from your own hobbies and interests and organize the best activities from there!


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