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Our story

People are happier when they feel connected. That's why we want to bring people into contact with each other. Our platform is an online platform, but our goal is for people to actually meet each other in real life. Because nothing can replace real human contact.

With Joinby we support existing organizations in connecting their people because we know from our own experience that we cannot do it alone. On Joinby, you can create a community for your school, neighborhood or organization in which everyone can find each other immediately, make contact and organize activities together. Everything should be as simple and accessible as possible aiming towards social contact. 

With our platform, we want to lower the threshold for actual contact between people and encourage people to go together more often. This is because, in our view, true connection can only arise if you are willing to spend time with each other and invest in each other. With the ultimate goal: happy people!

Business model

Joinby is a social enterprise: Our primary goal is to connect people to do more (offline) together. We would therefore like to work with organizations that also want to bring people together. Organizations, such as a school, city or association, pay us to set up their own community and maintain and develop the Joinby platform. That way we can keep our platform free and ad-free for the people who use it, with no data trading. This also ensures that we never have an interest in 'keeping people online' for commercial purposes as many major social media platforms do.

Would you like to know more about our platform and vision? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

What makes a good life?

Inspiration for us: hard evidence for the importance of good social relationships 

center for human tech

Technology for people

Technology that stands for human values: bringing people together offline instead of keeping them online for as long as possible to sell ads; Talk to each other instead of drifting apart; Pay attention to what makes us happy. More info: Center for Human Technology:

Our team

Bas Kremer Hovinga

Product development & support

Benno Nekeman


Wall of fame

We are very grateful to these people for their contribution to Joinby:

Flip van den Bosch
Ruud Sytsema
Sander Valk
Koen Olijve
Fedor Brookman
Jochem Toolenaar

Alyssia Maatita
Suus Versteeg
Mohamed Jimale
Saly Baroudic
Basten Arends
Souhaire Mabrouk

Our trip

Idea for Joinby

Idea for Joinby inspired by this TED Talk, the 'Time well spent' movement (now: humunetech) and own experiences of moving to a new city and the time it takes to build a new social network. Couldn't this be much easier & better?

May 2018 - Dec 2019
Official start

Follow a course Human Centered Design, conversations with people in the neighborhood about needs around getting to know new people, analysis solutions and current behavior and finally the development of a concept for a local social community platform and search for co-founders and/or app builder.

Jan 2019
Start building Joinby app 1.0
Start building the Joinby app in collaboration with a developer in Amsterdam/India. Various tests with acquaintances and conversations with local companies for cooperation
Sep 2019
Launch beta community Utrecht

Launch community in Utrecht in beta. Collecting feedback from users: what is needed? Adjust the app on that basis and prepare it for the 'real' launch.

Jan 2020
Go live Utrecht & surroundings

We are really live! Cool examples of people who meet via Joinby for coffee, squash, pub quizzes, film and much more. At the same time, people realize how difficult it is to build a community from scratch.

Mon 2020
Corona pandemic

Corona pandemic erupts, less useful for a concept aimed at meeting in person. At the same time, this also makes clear how important real social contact is. Seriously considered quitting Joinby.

Apr - Dec 2020
Launching communities together

Based on demand from a school and a company (for an accessible platform), the concept will be adapted: from now on, communities in collaboration with existing organizations. Build brand new app for that concept, new developer, new partner and first customer!

Jan 2021
Launch Joinby 2.0

Launch Joinby 2.0 with its own communities for organisations, open or closed. Re-launch Utrecht community and soon after in February start with the first customer: Thomas More Belgium 

New customers & program The Hague

Follow new customers (Karel de Grote, Westergouwe, AMS, etc.) and participate in the Startup in Residence program of the Municipality of The Hague (SIR Intergov). Continuous development of the app based on customer & user questions.

Nov 2021
Impact Prize Winner

Profit impact price SIR program The Hague


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