Your own community platform to connect your people

Offer your people their own online community to easily connect and to do more together. For schools, universities, neighborhoods and (social) organizations.


Easy way to connect

Reach and retain more people

Suitable for your organization

The platform

Below the basic parts of our platform. These can be adjusted and/or expanded to your requirements:


Group overview

Instead of individual groups, 1 overview of all relevant groups within your community. Join right away, chat right away.


Members overview

All members of your community can be found by interests, age, study, etc. Determine the custom filters for your community yourself


Profiles and chat

Anyone can make direct contact without having to share personal information such as phone number or email



An overview of all events in your community, recruit participants and see who is coming. Update everyone on changes.


Custom local map

Create your own map with what to do in the area or let your members create this together


Central bulletin board

A central place to share news or place calls. Instantly reach everyone in your community


Great onboarding

Warmly welcome new people with instant access to your own community

Everyone together

All people, groups, activities, (news) messages and conversations together in 1 own central space

Reach more people

Reach people who are now difficult to reach through the low threshold of an online meeting place

Easily find someone

Overview of all members of your community, filterable on custom adjustable tags (interests, study, etc.)

Direct safe contact

Being able to make direct contact without having to exchange personal data (email, phone)

Less effort

Everyone can find each other, make contact and organize things themselves


We specialize in social communities to connect and activate people


This is not all

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