Connect your community via your own platform

Offer your people their own place to find, help and meet each other. With your logo, colors and desired settings, available via web and app.

Launch your own custom community

Create your own tailor-made online environment especially for your target group

Student community

A private environment for your (new) students where everyone can find each other, get in touch and help each other

Neighborhood or city community

Create a place where people from the neighborhood can come into contact and organize more together

Member/volunteer community

Offer your members or volunteers a central place to find each other, exchange information and participate in events

Network community

Offer members of your network the opportunity to get in touch with each other in an accessible way and to achieve new collaborations

Why Joinby?

The benefits of your own Joinby community 

Reach more people by offering an accessible platform especially for your own people

Refer new people to your community where all the people and information are together and they can easily ask questions and get in touch

Save time yourself because community members can find, contact and help each other (peer-2-peer)

Share messages and information with your target group in 1 central place

Make your community transparent and ensure that people who would otherwise not meet come into contact

5 reasons to choose Joinby

Completely adaptable to your wishes

Your own environment that can be completely adapted to your wishes

Everything you need in one central place

All the features you need to connect your own community

Mobile app AND desktop access

A mobile app for your participants, manage them yourself via desktop

Community members find & help each other

Facilitate (social) contact between your people

Central place for welcome and communication

Reach everyone easily and help each other

Benefits for users

Benefits for organizations

How does setting up a community work?

1) Set up your own custom community

Create your own online environment and choose your logo, colors and desired functions

2) Easily promote your community

Easily share your community registration URL and/or invite participants

3) Reach & connect your target group

Provide a central place to connect, share information and learn from your community

How can you participate in a community?

1) Download the app

Download the mobile app from the App or Play Store

2) Register once

Register once for your own community

3) Get in touch

Find your people, information, ask questions, participate in events and get in touch 


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