Your own online meeting place for your students

Offer your students a platform to get in touch with each other in an accessible way. The easy way to welcome, connect and improve student wellbeing.

Why Joinby?

Own digital environment

Offer your target group its own environment with your logo, colors and desired settings

Connect mutually

Help your community to find each other easily and to get in touch (peer-2-peer)

All-in-one app

All your participants, groups, activities and messages in one app together

Self-service moderation

Various self-service moderation options (report, block, etc.) to simplify management

GDPR proof

GDPR-proof platform, all data stored within the European Union

Inc. maintenance & support

The platform is maintained and further developed for you, including technical support

Easy way to connect

Reach and retain more people

Secure & GDPR Compliant

Student recruitment

Guide students in their decision-making process and deploy student ambassadors through your own student community. 

“The reason for me to start there? The contact I already had with my future fellow students” 

– Eve –

International office

Offer your international students a warm welcome through access to your own private student community 

“Super valuable that I could already have contact with future fellow students before I arrived in Antwerp!”  

– George–

Student services

Improve student well-being at your school by offering your own place for students to connect with like-minded people

“Very handy that I could find other new students who had the same interests as me” 

– Senna – 



Schedule a no-obligation introduction of 45 minutes and we will discuss: your challenge(s), what possible solutions are and how our platform works.