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With Joinby you'll find groups in your neighborhood to do what you love. Meet new people and go out to do what you like best!

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Just 3 simple steps

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    Discover groups of your interest

    Add your location & discover local groups in your neighborhood. Join the groups you like!

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    Chat with like-minded people nearby

    Each group is a local group chat. Instantly see who's in for something fun!

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    Get together easily

    Create private subgroups of people who want to meet up in just a few clicks!


Why Joinby?

Casual activities. Small groups

Joinby is about casual activities, in small groups. Go for a hike, grab a cup of coffee, go see a movie, play a game together.... or do something else you like!

Nearby, in your area

With Joinby you will find groups in your vicinity, so you can easily get together (more often)

Meetups in real life. No dating

We believe in the power of face-2-face meetups: getting together with like-minded people to do what you like, without any obligations. We're not about dating or online chatting.


Joinby is FREE. We will NOT sell your data to 3th parties

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